Employee Forms

Employment Application EAAS

Federal Withholding Form W-4 2014

State Withholding Form (Louisiana) LA L-4

State Withholding Form (New Jersey) NJ-W4

State Withholding Form (Mississippi) 89-350

Immigration and Naturalization Service Form I-9 2013

Employee New Hire and Change Form Employee Profile

Employee Direct Deposit Authorization EDDA

Employee Change Form ECF

Duplicate W-2 Request Form DRF

Tipped Employee Acknowledgement Instructions TEI

Notice to Tipped Employees NTE

Notice to Tipped Employees-Pooled NTEP


Internal Revenue Service IRS

US Department of Labor USDOL

Louisiana Department of Revenue LDR

LA Workforce Commission (Louisiana Department of Labor) LADOL

Payroll Client Company Forms

Company Payroll Information Company Profile

Employer Payroll Account Information EPAI

Digital Signature DSF

Federal Withholding Reporting Agent Authorization IRS 8655

Louisiana State Withholding Authorization LSWA

Employer ACH Authorization ACH Authorization